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Dental Implants

Whether missing one or several teeth, more and more people are replacing them with dental implants. Dental implants are a permanent solution to replace missing teeth. They look and feel as natural as your own teeth, but do not discolour or decay. Dr. Kochman has trained in dental implantology.

When a tooth is lost, structure changes and bone loss occurs in the place where the tooth was lost, as well as to the surrounding teeth. Replacing a lost tooth is key to ensuring the gums, bone and surrounding teeth remain strong and healthy. Implants are a highly-effective solution. They last longer and are less damaging to surrounding teeth than bridges, and they completely eliminate the discomfort and many, many restrictions of dentures.

An implant is an "artificial root". The implant is made of titanium – the same material that is used on orthopedic surgery – and stimulates the bone to attach to this "artificial root". The implant is surgically placed into your jawbone. After healing has taken place, a post is placed into the implants, and a porcelain crown is cemented on the post, to match your smile perfectly.

In order to replace missing teeth with an implant, there must be a sufficient level of bone in someone’s jaw to support the implant. If teeth have been missing for several years, some of the bone may "shrink away" and there may not be enough bone height to support an implant. Dr. Kochman is experienced in many surgical procedures to replace missing bone in people’s mouths. One of these procedures is a bone graft called a "sinus elevation procedure", or a "sinus lift". He uses surgical procedures to "add" bone in areas where it has been lost. When healing has taken place, an implant can be surgically placed to replace missing teeth.

The Kochman Centre has a method of giving patients functioning teeth the day of implant placement – even for denture wearers. Patients that have missing teeth leave the Kochman Centre with new, temporary teeth that are fully-functional and that can be worn until permanent implants are placed.

Length of time for implant procedures varies, anywhere from 9 to 18 months, depending on the severity of the case and the number of implants required. The cost of implants vary significantly, depending on the materials used, the severity of the case, and the number of implants required. With proper care and maintenance implants can last a lifetime.

Dr. Kochman will work together with you to provide a step-by-step plan to replace your missing teeth or reconstruct your entire mouth, depending on your individual needs.

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Congenitally missing single tooth.

Implant placed in space, porcelain crown cemented to implant, tooth whitening and veneer placed on tooth on opposite side.