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Tooth Whitening

The Kochman Centre uses professional whitening systems that can achieve a whiter, brighter smile. Dr. Kochman will assess the teeth in order to determine if patients are good candidates for these services.

In-Office Whitening
By using a safe, cold light treatment called Zoom!™, Dr. Kochman gently whitens the teeth with no risk of damage. Beautiful teeth that are an average of eight shades whiter teeth can be achieved in as little as 1 hour – this treatment is done at the Kochman Centre, requires only one visit and the dramatic results last for up to three years. The price of one Zoom!™ treatment is $750.

At-Home Whitening
Natural teeth can also be whitened effectively with an at-home whitening system, which is used while you sleep. Dr. Kochman takes an impression of the upper and lower teeth to make custom trays that will fit perfectly. A special whitening gel is applied to the trays and worn during sleep. After as little as three nights of wearing the trays, there is a dramatic difference in the colour of the teeth – on average six shades whiter. This whitening treatment can last several years and will not damage the teeth. Prices for professional at-home whitening systems range from $300-$450, and there are several types to choose from.



Natural teeth stains caused by normal activities.

Zoom!™ in-office, 1 hour whitening treatment to whiten the teeth.