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Zoom in on Tooth Whitening

Millions of consumers are turning to various whitening products, and there are multitudes of options to choose from – whitening paste and strips, to name a few. The professional whitening treatment, Zoom!™, has just arrived at the Kochman Centre . Zoom!™ is unlike any other whitening treatment – it takes just one hour to achieve teeth that are an average of eight shades whiter.

The Zoom!™ treatment is done at the dentist’s office and uses a special whitening gel on the teeth, which is then activated by a small, highly-specialized lamp. The gel is reapplied several times over the course of a treatment, and after one hour patients can see dramatically whiter teeth. On average, teeth become eight shades whiter – results that no other treatment can achieve in that period of time.

Dr. Mark Kochman says, "We offer many whitening systems at the Kochman Centre, but Zoom!™ is by far the most exciting. Patients usually want to whiten their teeth quickly, and Zoom!™ is the only treatment that offers such fast and dramatically effective results."

When it comes to oral health, dentists are the experts – Zoom!™ is the only lamp on the market created by a dentist. Safety and tooth-sensitivity were considered in the design, so the specialized lamp is not a laser and transmits almost no heat – causing little or no sensitivity. Not only is the Zoom!™ treatment safe, fast and effective, at $1,000 it is affordable and one treatment can last several years if properly maintained.

Zoom!™ is a fantastic product, and having so many options is wonderful, but how do you decide which is most effective? The best first step is to speak to a dentist, who will evaluate the discolorations patients have and recommend the best treatment options.

"Options are always good for consumers, but often, patients use a whitening product that does not give them the desired result," says Dr. Kochman. "It’s important for people to work with a cosmetic dentist and make sure that they are using the best whitening option for them."

The launch of Zoom!™ is by far the most exciting advancement in whitening technology. It is the fastest and most effective tooth whitening available. Consumers now have another option when it comes to whitening their teeth, but they should be armed with good information and the sound advice of a dentist when trying to decide which option is best.